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This is my first time doing home staging for my house located in the North York area. Ava is a friend-ly and professional home stager in this field. She knows how to stage my home to its best condition, and show me her sophisticate design and organiza-tion skills during the process. The final look of my home is very welcoming and attractive.The furniture and decorations she provide are very new and styl-ish. I definitly will recommond her to all my friends !

By Marco

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I have ask opinions from several private home stageing companies before getting in con-tact with Ava. Her opinions and advises are more outsanding and reasonable compare to others. She is dedicated and careful in selecting all furnitures through asking our wills and expectations. The prices are reasonable along with a designer discount that Ava provided us. We were really satisfying with the result we have.

By Christina

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Ning Liu
phone: (647) 534-5588
email: liuning@yahoo.com


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